Employee Assistance Plans Help Achieve a Happier, Healthier Workplace

It is that time of year, the holidays.  Stress levels rise through the roof as we try to manage the busyness of the season with everyday stressors; it can feel like a pressure cooker!  Offering your employees, the benefit of an EAP helps them to feel supported on a continual basis, whether those stressors are seasonal, every day or major life changes.  Many EAPs often go unused because employees don’t know about them, understand what they provide, or employees may feel there’s a stigma around using these services.  Or, some employers just don’t offer an EAP in their benefits package.  Let’s look into how they can positively affect your whole organization.

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Why Outsource Your Marketing?

Is growing your marketing efforts one of your 2020 business goals? It should be! Marketing is the driving factor that supports lead acquisition, sales and customer service to help you grow your business. Your initial gut feeling may be to (attempt) to execute your business’s marketing yourself! In this blog, you will find why it is cheaper AND smarter to outsource your marketing to a professional agency. Read More

Facebook & Instagram Changes: How to Stay Ahead of Them

Social media continues to be a cornerstone for online marketing, with growing importance as Millennials and Gen Zers gain more and more purchasing power. What once was a low-cost option for marketing and advertising, today, you won’t make much of an impact on your social platforms without allocating some money towards it. With Facebook and Instagram’s upcoming algorithm changes, plan to develop a social media budget in your 2020 marketing plan. Read More