After vacation ‘re-entry’ to life, do you have a plan?


In your head, a loud obnoxious voice is screaming  ”Remember what you said the last time you came back to this, ‘I am NEVER going to take a vacation ever again! It just isn’t worth it!’, and you did it again!” Are you having trouble managing your vacation ‘re-entry’?09-2014It is coming to the end of your vacation, and well let’s face it, it might as well be the end because your mind has already gone back home. The feared ‘re-entry’ awaits you. You start to make a plan on how you are going to handle it, knowing that in the midst of it all, many fires need to be put out before you can even get comfortable in your chair.

Every time you return to your ‘real life’ you sigh while looking around at all that awaits you. You repeatedly find yourself thinking, ‘Was going on vacation worth what is waiting for me when I return?  The dreaded To-do List: Laundry, grocery shopping, picking up dog from the kennel, checking E-Mails, returning phone calls, and in large black letters written on sticky notes “SEE ME IMMEDIATELY WHEN YOU RETURN” covers your monitor.

The relaxing feeling you had just hours ago on the golf course, overlooking the ocean is quickly fading. How do you handle re-entry? Here are some tested processes that work for many.

  • Spend ½ day of your the first day back, reviewing the tasks at hand, catching up on your emails and then prioritizing your work load.
    • Your public calendar should read DO NOT DISTURB during that time. If possible, close your door, stay focused and things will be managed much more efficiently. If you can, keep your ‘out-of-office’ notification on your calendar for a brief period of time after you are back. This will allow you to complete the past due tasks, as well as getting back into your daily routine with minimal interruptions.
  • While checking emails on vacation should be avoided, evaluate your situation to make the final determination. If it is more efficient and allows you to get the most enjoyment out of your vacation, allotting specific ‘email’ time each day on vacation, can be a good option. Be sure to make others on the trip aware of your schedule, helping the plan go smoothly so everyone is on the same page.
    • Maybe your spouse takes the kids to an activity that you really weren’t interested in, while you do some work. Then everyone gathers back at a designated time and place to move on with the day. You might also reward your spouse with some alone time while you take the kids to a playground or the pool. Trade-offs can be fun and beneficial for all especially after spending every hour together day after day.
  • Don’t make plans for a few nights after getting back. Allow yourself to catch-up on the home front too; unpacking, doing laundry, reading paper mail, and managing the upcoming weeks schedule.
    • Be efficient and conscientious of completing each task. This way a few days of work doesn’t drag out into a week or more.  Take time to look through pictures of your vacation and remember it was all worth the ‘re-entry’.
  • If some of these processes are not realistic for your situation, it might be beneficial to shorten your vacation by a day to give yourself the buffer that you need. Review your flight times or travel itinerary to possibly arrange to return home earlier, allowing yourself the remainder of the day to re-group. Enjoying the vacation to the fullest is top priority. If cutting your vacation by a few hours or half a day shorter will relieve stress, in the long run; it will be worth it! You will come back refreshed, ready for ‘re-entry’ and starting plans for your next get-away.

If you need more guidance on time management, please contact us. We can help develop a workable solution for your needs. If you have specific questions on business process organizing or bookkeeping, don’t hesitate to ask. We are always blogging on those topics. Who knows, your question might be one that many have and be the next focus of our blog topic. We are here to help make your bookkeeping produce quality financials and your business processes efficient.


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One thought to “After vacation ‘re-entry’ to life, do you have a plan?”

  1. Tammy – I tried to feel organized before going, this will be very helpful when I go again to see how I do coming back. I must say, I do allow myself 1 hour a day early in the day to answer emails and do some deleting when on vacation. I feel productive and then I don’t think about it the rest of the day. Can’t say I felt good about the ‘coming back a day early’ thought. Maybe tell everyone you are back a day later instead. thanks!

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