Is Online Marketing at the Forefront of Your 2015 Business Plan?


Does your 2015 marketing plan include an online strategy? Not including a way to interact with your target market could cost your company big bucks next year. Take a peek as to why.

flowtownmillennialsHow would you rate your organization’s online presence? Do you think it’s not that important?

Meet the Millennials, the notorious Generation Y-ers who prefer to do their Christmas shopping from the comfort of their couches and who aren’t afraid to “Yelp” to the entire Internet about a bad – or good – experience they’ve had with a business. In a current University of Massachusetts study*, “social commerce,” is when individuals between the ages of 18 to 33 are interacting with brands through social media platforms and mobile websites. This is important because it gives them a “participative” role in your organization’s marketing efforts.

By putting your online marketing agenda on the back burner, you will miss the chance to connect with 25 percent of our nation’s population. By 2015, Millennials world wide will have a combined purchasing power of $2.45 trillion. You want a piece of that, don’t you? If you are not talking to this demographic in the way that they “listen” to the world around them (i.e. actively updating your website and social media sources) then you will be losing sales, big time.

Expectations for 2015’s online marketing tactics are higher than the innovations the industry has made in 2014. News needs to be delivered faster, email campaigns have to be concise and easy-to-navigate, and finding your organization’s website must be a simple Google search away. Up-to-date online marketing is the key to keeping your brand relevant amongst competitors.

How do you improve your online marketing in 2015?

  • Incorporate daily or weekly content for outlets such as email and social media to your 2015 marketing agenda.
  • Make your website Google-friendly and easy to find by seeking ways to improve your search engine optimization techniques.
  • Be interactive and conversational through social media to engage individuals in conversations regarding your brand.

The bigger your digital footprint, the greater of an impression your organization will leave. Need help with your online marketing in 2015? Now is the time to plan your attack. TRIO can help. Contact us anytime for a free online marketing consultation! In just an hour, we can come up with some key updates to your current program that will get you noticed next year.




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