Understand The Behavior Styles Of Your Team & Customers


How well do you understand your team’s behavioral style?

Each individual falls uniquely on a grid of four core behavioral styles: dominant directors, interacting socializers, steady relaters and cautious thinkers. Your employees’ personalities can be identified by their tendency to be more guarded or open, and if they are more direct or indirect. Depending on where one falls on the grid influences how you make decisions, work within a team, and communicate (among other things).

How well do you understand your team’s behavioral style? Here’s why it is important to use the DISC Assessment in your business today:

  1. The benefit of DISC with your current team:
    • The DISC assessment will add clarity to inter-company communication. By understanding where your employees fall according to DISC, you will be able to tailor your methods of communication to more-effectively create understanding with every member of the team.
    • DISC assessments will make decision-making more efficient. By learning the behavior traits of your team, you will gain a sense of how much information each individual needs to logically make a decision. It will also help to identify team members that are submissive in nature – whose opinions and ideas may often be overshadowed by dominant personalities in your organization.
    • Your team’s DISC results will influence how to create change in your organization. Depending on your team’s behavioral traits, they could be quick to implement something new or hesitant towards change.
    • The DISC assessment can also explain the work environment and dynamic within your organization. Your employee’s tendencies to gravitate toward teamwork or prefer working on an individual level is often dependent on core behavior principles.
  2. How DISC effects the hiring process:
    • When you understand the DISC profile of your current team, you’ll know what similar traits to look for in new hires. Write job descriptions with descriptors that embody the personality type you’re looking for in a candidate within the company and the specific position.
    • During the interview process, use DISC to understand if a candidate is the right match for the job. From your brief interaction, do they fit the criteria you found the other members of the team have? Or does their personality fill a behavioral deficiency you’ve found your organization lacks?
    • While making the decision of who to hire, DISC can act as a deciding factor between two qualified candidates. When comparing the two, you may find one’s DISC behavior is more suited to your company’s culture or will meet the specific requirements of the job (i.e. making quick decisions or working in a team environment)
  3. Use DISC to improve your business’s sales:
    • Use your knowledge of the DISC method to analyze prospects. How does he or she make decisions? Cater your selling, marketing and communication strategies to their behavioral style to create a better connection with your prospects.

Are you curious on how to better manage your team based on their personality behavior type? Contact me today to set up a DISC Assessment Consult.


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