Are the Key Players on YOUR Team Protected?


Visualize this…. You have created your company or your brand. Business is good going forward, such that you have added a second YOU… someone who is being trained or mentored in your business. Is that person, who is now an ‘asset’ to you protected?

Key Man insurance is a product purchased by the business, typically covering the owner, founder or possibly one or two valuable employees. These are people who are crucial to make your business run. The way this works is the business purchases life insurance on the employee, pays the premium and is the beneficiary of that policy.

The reason this coverage is important is because the untimely death of any one of these important people can truly crash what you have built. These funds can be used to pay ongoing company expenses, find a replacement and pay wages. Worse case, it can provide severance if the business must close. What it ultimately protects is that the business does not have to declare bankruptcy, even if closing the business is what has to happen.

How do you know how much insurance to buy? Think about what it would take to run the business without that person and then give me a call. We can discuss types of life insurance to use and face values of the policies.



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A little more about us:
The Business Warrior group has some of the industry’s top experts in all the areas your business needs to be successful. Amongst the contributors is Janis VanAhn, owner of Health Insurance Advisor, LLC. For 19 years Janis has worked in and around the health insurance industry initially providing service to agents and employers related to employee benefits, individual healthcare and Medicare, while more recently becoming appointed as an individual agent with various quality carriers to provide this service to individuals through her own business.

Four years ago Janis was ‘blessed’ with being let go from her job at an insurance ageny. Staying within insurance was her path…but in what capacity. 2010 was the year Janis began her career as an independent insurance agent specializing in health insurance. Finding quality, cost-effective healthcare for individuals and families under age 65 as well as working with those who are Medicare eligible truly was her passion. She has made this a true specialty and positioned herself as someone to work with whether it is a financial professional or property & casualty agent with a client that needs assistance, to a group of seniors turning 65 and they keep receiving Medicare information and are confused about what to do.

Janis enjoys the one on one contact with clients as well as looking forward to speaking to groups about healthcare. Her excitement for this industry is what drives her to stay in tune with Healthcare Reform and what is currently happening and what will happen with coverage from now to past 2014.

‘Educating individual and Medicare consumers to make informed choices’ is her mission because if people are educated and understand, they will make informed choices that they are comfortable with.

Get to know Health Insurance Advisor, LLC and Janis Van Ahn by visiting the website, or contact her with your questions to find a solution.

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