Show Your Customers Some “Love” With These 2017 Online Marketing Trends


Show your clients and customers some extra love this Valentine’s Day month by utilizing these up-and-coming 2017 social media trends! Here are some new ways to engage with your target market online that will improve customer service and reach potential leads online.

Your customers can “like” you online and they can now even “love” your Facebook posts. When was the last time you used social media to show them a little love back? As marketers, we are excited about new trends and features that social media brings in 2017. Here are a few ways you can use these features to stay in touch with your current customers and reach potential new ones:

  1. Social MessagingIt is predicted that the ability for customers to message businesses is on the rise. Your business may already be experiencing this trend, where customers will ask questions on your business’s public Facebook page, or send a private message to your Facebook page to get in contact with a representative. In 2017, having someone who monitors and responds to these messages in real-time will be the new standard in customer service.

    SMS messaging and messenger app marketing will also become popular in 2017. According to Forbes, 62 percent of millennials are more loyal to brands that engage them via text messaging channels, and it is estimated that two billion users will be messaging through messenger apps by 2018. Whether someone on staff is responsible for this type of communications, or you outsource this service to a customer service chatbot, it is important for you to be reachable in this space.

  2. Digital MarketingDigital marketing is a cost-effective advertising medium that is not going away anytime soon! In 2017, paid content will become even more prevalent on websites and social media. More and more new options are becoming available for targeting your customers online on the websites, apps and social networks where they work and play.

    Trending now is the opportunity to create editorial content to publish on popular news and lifestyle websites and blogs. Other than a small disclaimer that says “paid content” or “sponsored,” the article will read like any other article published on their site, but will lead to your personal website. You can reach new customers by sharing value-added knowledge or information with them that will lead them to further contacting you to learn more.

  3. Live VideosFacebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat all have the ability to cast live streams of video that followers can tune into in real-time. Going “live” sends a notification to all followers letting them know that you are currently recording a video. This tactic is great for publicizing events or sharing updates about important news or new products.

    This life, authentic content is marketing gold, especially if you are targeting millennials. The generation loves video content and were the most active video viewers of any age group in the U.S. in 2016, and they are not likely to slow down in 2017! Show your followers some love by using this tactic to share specials just to viewers or give them exclusive company/product news first!

Your digital presence should help your customers get to know your company better, and make it easy for them to do business with you!

For more new and trendy tactics to use to better connect with your customers (and potential customers) in 2017? Contact TRIO today! We can design a digital campaign focused towards your specific target market, reaching them where they get their news and speaking to them in a way that will make them want your product or service!



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