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Almost half the year is over. Maybe you haven’t met your goals. Summer is here and you’re pulled from all sides with work and feeling guilty or wishing you could spend more time doing fun things. Or maybe you’re stressed because you’re thinking so far ahead and, yes, in 6 months it will be Christmas again!

You may need a midyear refocus to Get Positive like you were at the start of the year.   I found these tips from Sara Lavenduski, Advantages, helpful to keep perspective in check.


  • Focus on Your Perception – A person’s attitude is shaped by perception, or the way the mind takes in and analyzes situations and events. When faced with a challenge, concentrate on the positive aspects rather than the negative. This will help meet the task head-on with more momentum.
  • Establish a Morning Routine – Implement healthy habits to get you started on a positive note. Wake up a little earlier to allow time for introspection, eat a healthy breakfast, pack a well-balanced lunch and even exercise for 30 minutes, which releases endorphins that boost optimism.
  • Eat and Sleep Well – a healthy diet and sleep schedule are imperative for clear thinking and a positive attitude. Focus on smart food choices, keep healthy snacks nearby and get a good night’s sleep. You’ll feel ready to tackle the day’s challenges and naturally be more positive and optimistic.
  • Look at the Long Term – Don’t feel defeated by short-term emotions or let downs; instead, concentrate on the long-term value and the larger meaning of what you’re involved in. It will keep you moving through the tough times, and allow you to share your enthusiasm with others.
  • Volunteer Your Time – Taking the time to volunteer helps reduce stress and shifts overall perception toward positivity. Take a few hours on the weekend to spend time at a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, youth camp or children’s hospital. Spread the positivity by inviting a group of colleagues to go with you.


Please share your own tips for the mid-year blues or stress relief. Of course, coming to the Primary Source showroom is sure to get you excited and optimistic about your marketing and promotions for the remainder of the year.

We always have great ideas for promoting your business or event! You will even get that extra boost of optimism when we discuss the possibilities!


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