Why is a Hedgehog, called a hedgehog?


Well it’s not really a hedge and it isn’t a pig, but…

A hedgehog grunts like a pig and they do like hedges. So, as human nature is, we call it a hedgehog. That seems simple, easy to remember and reference. So how easily do we do that in business; simply take something for face value, never looking any deeper into the subject? For example, how many times a day do you get out of your chair to retrieve information, documents, or walk over and interrupt a team member to complete your task? That is what we do, just simply repeat the motion we have done for years, because it is easy to without thinking. BUT think how you could increase your time efficiency, simply clicking a button and the information ‘magically’ appears on your screen! BONUS: Increase time efficiency throughout the entire office, no more interrupting workflow, and no more filing of documents.

Time, Productivity and Profit benefits of going paperless:

  • Established Systematic Procedures
    • All reports, documents, and “to do’s” are at the tips of your fingers, literally, keeping team member’s time EFFICIENT.
    • Apps allow electronic signatures. Most are free or minimal cost. Send documents to team members for comments or approvals, all with the click of a button.
    • Mobile devices are used for presentations, viewing documents, and charts. No more forgetting documents needed for your important meeting.
  • Increased Security
    • Password protected documents, files, and unauthorized changes.
    • Audit reports indicate User access and changes.
    • Minimize unauthorized users access.
    • Nothing lost when computers crash which we all unfortunately know how much that can cost. Initial settings will allow accessibility on mobile devices.
    • No need to have check stock or signature stamps in office to be concerned with falling into the wrong hands.
  • Improved Time Efficiency & Productivity = Cost savings
    • No need to leave your desk to search, locate or return files.
    • Communicating and collaborating can occur, real time and working the task at hand, making live changes instead of notes.
    • Minimize time spent printing, organizing and distributing documents for discussions.
    • Minimize office supply and equipment costs.
    • Eliminate paper bills and bank statements which minimizes storage space and security issues.
    • Pay bills electronically. Easy to track payments at the click of a button.
    • Mobile accessibility keeps your team PRODUCTIVE and your clients served from anywhere a secure internet connection is available.
    • No need to be in the office to have access to the documents. Employees that are contagious or have ill family members, can work from home, keeping the process going and the clients served.
    • Increased flexibility in hours.
    • Less overhead cost for businesses, with employees being able to work from remote locations.
    • Minimize office space or utilize space more effectively for office productivity.
    • Retrieve most recent numbers and data in real time.
    • Quicker to create reports through coping and pasting numbers.


We do more work every year, trying to complete as many tasks as possible, while maintaining the accuracy level, all for the bottom line. Because that is what we were taught, and that is what everyone does. I would encourage you to look deeper into your procedures and time management. The Hedgehog is probably just fine with that name, never needing any upgrades or changes. Your business procedures should not remain unchanged, costing you valuable resources.

If going paperless, saving time and money is something that is intriguing, but you just are not sure where to start, contact us. We can help!


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Bookkeeping and Process Organizing
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A little more about us:
OrganizerForU is a Bookkeeping and Business Process Organizing Team. The OrganizerForU Team can help assess, implement and transform your business, your books and your life! The majority of our services assist in the areas of bookkeeping departments, because we understand that is the hub of a business.

OrganizerForU works with Clients to Guide or Assist or Manage in all areas of bookkeeping.

We want to empower YOU, the business owner, to work on bookkeeping as much, or as little as you want to! We will work within your budget and time frame, whether on a short-term or on-going basis.

We Guide! Just call us when you need us. We can do on-going training sessions or further your process development as your company grows.

We Assist! We work with you on a predetermined schedule to keep your bookkeeping current and accurate.

We Manage! We will set a schedule that best serves your business needs and manage the bookkeeping for you. Now, you can spend time doing what you do best…making your business successful!

If your business bookkeeping system is less that desirable, or you lack processes for checks and balances, or if your current system just isn’t working, Tammy can help. She will meet your right where you are at. Check out our website and click on the SERVICES tab to see what we can do for you. Don’t dread your bookkeeping any longer. Contact us today!

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