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Does the color of your company’s logo really play a role in consumers’ purchasing decisions? How much research goes into finding the perfect colors to convey your brand’s message? Read more to learn the importance of choosing your brand’s colors and how to narrow down the choices.

Think back on your most recent purchase. Any purchase. What made you choose that specific item? Did you research brands? Did you go with a gut feeling? Were you persuaded by the name or by interesting graphics on the packaging? According to a study performed by Satyendra Singh with the University of Winnepeg, up to 90% of snap decisions related to purchasing a product are based on color alone. So while some people may argue that a specific color doesn’t affect people the same way across the board, it certainly can influence someone’s decision making process.

Hundreds of studies have been performed to try to link certain colors to specific emotions. Blue, for example, is supposed to portray trustworthiness and loyalty. So why don’t all businesses have a blue logo? Aren’t they all supposed to be trustworthy? Similarly, if yellow is supposed to be a happy color, why don’t all logos incorporate the color yellow? Doesn’t everyone want to do business with a happy company?

The truth is, a single color isn’t going to have the same effect on every single person. You can’t expect color alone to influence someone’s emotions. Perceptions of color can vary based on personal preferences, cultural norms, past experiences and more. However, that doesn’t mean that picking your company’s color isn’t important. It just means you probably shouldn’t choose your color based on what an article tells you people should feel when they see that color.

For example, let’s say you’re starting a tool company. According to Leonhard Willrich, Co-founder and COO of Buffer, pinks and purples invoke feelings of creativity and being wise. That sounds great, right? People who use tools often have to be creative and wise. However, does pink or purple really “match” the brand identity you’re striving for? What is your target market? For a tool company, you’re probably marketing to mostly men between the ages of 25 and 65. Do you think adult men would identify with pink or purple tools? (There are exceptions, of course. But think of the majority of the men in your target market.) Perhaps darker, more “rough and tough” colors are in order, like blacks, browns and navy blues.

It’s important to consider what image you’re trying to portray through your products. Does this mean that traditionally female products always need to be pink? Absolutely not. Ask BIC about their latest fiasco with their “For Her” line of pens. What it does mean is that when considering a color to use in your company’s logo and branding, instead of focusing on how colors may or may not affect emotions, pay attention to who your target market is and what image you want your brand to portray. Is it fun and innovative? Perhaps choose a bright, fun color. Is it calming and serene? Pick a pastel. If your product is able to be used by both men and women, steer clear of colors that will pigeonhole your product into a gender specific category. When in doubt, ask friends and family for their opinions!

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