Google Reviews—How To Get Them and How Many Is Too Many?


Google has been the go-to search engine for many years. Now, it has become a top resource for individuals who do their research before buying a product or service. Through Google’s social media component, Google My Business, consumers can rate and review businesses that will appear on the search engine. Though this platform is consumer-driven, business owners should not feel helpless over what is posted. Instead, direct your consumers to Google as a public display of customer satisfaction.

How to get Google Reviews?

  1. Ask! – There is no shame in directing your customers to a public outlet to share their experience with your company. Similar to hosting a customer satisfaction survey, Google Reviews act as a medium for your customers to give honest feedback. By conducting your customer reviews on a public forum, you are sharing complete transparency, and taking the “bull by its horns” with the uncensored experiences that many business owners dread. If this notion scares you, it may be time to revisit your customer service.
  2. Incentivize! – We live in a day of age where we are rarely go out of our way unless there is something in it for us. This is where incentives come in to play! Like a traditional customer service survey, consumers are often prompted to call a number or visit a website with the chance to win a grand prize. This age-old tactic works with Google Reviews as well. We have a client who offers $5 to anyone who writes a review – good or bad. Other companies have monthly drawings for a larger dollar amount, offer a gift card to their store, or give reviewers a chance to win a trip! Google Reviews are too often anonymous, leaving customer service representatives with few options to follow up with their customer. Incentives will drive them to put their contact info on the review, something invaluable when it comes to solving customer service concerns.
  3. Respond! – People are more apt to write Google Reviews on companies that manage their online reputation, because they know their voice is being heard. Yes, even respond to the nastiest, ugliest, hairiest post that a reviewer has shared on Google. People are voicing their experience on the Internet because they want to be noticed by both your company and the public. When addressing a negative review, be sure to thank the reviewer for sharing their input and let them know that you are proactively working to correct the problem. Depending on the situation, it may also help to offer them a refund on their current purchase or a coupon for a future. In many cases, after the issue is addressed, the reviewer would then respond on their negative post or write a new positive one praising the company for its customer service.


How NOT to get Google Reviews?

  1. Write Them Yourself! – Both Google and your consumers can sniff out “fake glowing testimonies.” Google sees IP addresses. If someone from your place of business writes a review about your company, it will not be shown on the search engine. Google can also see when multiple accounts from the same IP address post. This is a technique that many online reputation management companies use. Consumers also can tell when reviews are fabricated. You know when you see a review that is too good. Indicators include the use of flowery language, calling people by their first and last name, or looks like someone took more than 15 minutes to write. These reviews are detrimental to your company. One phony good review devalues every organic good review your company has gained.
  2. Share Reviews From Other Sources! – If you are new to Google Reviews, you may be tempted to share the stockpile of paper or digital feedback you have received from your customers over the years. Similar to writing them yourselves, if you post multiple Google Review for the same company from the same IP address (especially the IP address that is linked to your company) they will not be approved, and will lower your search engine optimization with Google.


How many is too many?

There is no such thing as “too many” Google Reviews, as long as they are received in a genuine way. As a business owner, you may think that steering people to rate your business online and having an influx of reviews will get you flagged by Big Brother Google or appear like they were obtained in an unethical way. This is not the case.

Like stated above, Google knows how your reviews were received. They track who your reviewer is, what they searched to get to your Google page, and what they wrote (it’s not creepy at all). Therefore, they know who is a genuine reviewer. Don’t be afraid to rack up as many reviews as you can! You have worked hard and deserve them. Your potential consumer who does their research will appreciate the honest feedback that your brand has to offer, and enjoy knowing exactly what they’ll get with the product or service as well as customer service.

Go forth and accrue Google Reviews without fear!



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