More changes effective July 1, 2018! Are you keeping up?


The Iowa’s statute regulating drug and alcohol testing for private sector employers has changed.  For employers who conduct alcohol and/or drug testing… this impacts you!  Please read on. 

Setting up a testing facility and having a general knowledge of the Iowa Code law testing procedures is critical to promoting a successful substance abuse program. Substance abuse testing can only be done pursuant to a written policy that has been provided in advance to every employee. If you already conduct pre-employment, random or reasonable suspicion testing, it is imperative that you clearly communicate this policy to all applicants and employees. All employers who perform pre-employment drug screening must advertise this in their postings as well as on their job applications. Applicants must be notified that they are applying for a position in a drug free work environment when they apply.

To gain access to the Iowa Code Law, Section 730.5, please click here  to learn more!  The uniform requirement is that all substance abuse testing that is done by an employer must be done pursuant to a written policy that has been provided in advance to every employee subject to testing, and is available for review at any time by applicants and/or employees. These items are a must and if you don’t have these things in place you are violating the law.

Earlier this year, Governor Kim Reynolds signed House File 2383, which will amend Iowa Code Section 730.5(9)(e) to lower the minimum level of alcohol concentration Iowa’s private employers can use for a positive alcohol test from .04 to .02 grams of alcohol per 210 liters of breath (or its equivalent).

If an Iowa employer wants to conduct alcohol testing in their workforce the statute requires the employee to specify the standard or level of alcohol concentration for a positive result, and that it be expressed in terms of grams of alcohol per two hundred ten liters of breath, or its equivalent. Since the current law was first enacted, an Iowa employer could not establish a positive alcohol test at a concentration of less than .04.  Now this has changed.  The amendment will become effective July 1, 2018.

If you would like your policies reviewed, please call your HR Professional. Laws are changing all the time and this is an example of just one (1) of many legal up-dates to be aware of.   HR On-Call can save you time and money by guiding your decisions to keep you compliant. For information about these changes with the Iowa Code Law, please contact Susan Arnold, HR On-Call, LLC at 515-401-2233.


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