Radio Advertising: Is It Right For You?

Whether it’s on your morning drive or playing on your desktop at work, most of us listen to the radio at least once a day. It’s on at the stores we shop at, it’s blasting from your children’s bedroom and it’s on at the dentist when you’re getting your teeth cleaned. So, should you advertise your business on the radio?

The first radio commercial hit the airwaves in 1922, an advertisement for AT&T. The telephone service provider owned station WEAF in New York that played an ad for itself. 94 years later, people still tune in to the radio to get their news, learn updates about the traffic, follow along to their favorite morning show personalities and listen to music.

For small to medium-sized businesses, the cost of a radio campaign may be at the top of your budget. To determine if radio advertising is right for you, consider the advantages and disadvantages of radio campaigns before making your decision:


  • Ability to target your specific audience. Different radio stations target different demographics with their format and the type of content they share. If you have identified who to target your product or service to, you can find a radio station that that age group/demographic is more apt to listen to. You can also select a specific time when your ad will run when your target market will hear it.
  • The Speed of Air. Radio ads can be produced very quickly, unlike television ads. And unlike print ads, you do not have to wait for the next issue to come out. They are relatively easy to produce, so you can place the ad quickly. They are also easy to modify if you need to change your ad. Most radio stations will produce the talent for you as well.
  • Harness the Power of Sound. Unlike print or digital ads, you can use sounds, voices, and music to create an attention-getting message. Radio jingles or local celebrity voices can create a memorable impression.



  • Competition for Prime Time. Morning and evening commutes are key times when many businesses want their ads to run, and there are only so many spots to go around. This can drive up the cost for those choice time slots.
  • Distracted Listeners. Radio is often background noise; most individuals are not just listening to the radio. You may be reaching your target market, but you’ve lost them if your ad is not creative or engaging. Keep in mind that you will need to run your ad more than a few times in order for it to make an impact.
  • One Size Doesn’t Fit All. Radio may not be appropriate if your product needs to be seen or demonstrated to showcase its benefits. If your market is very niche, you may also experience a lot of waste with radio advertising.

When considering radio advertising, it is important to have a strategy and message in mind before running an ad. What do you want to get out of your radio campaign? Are you looking to hire a new employee, drive more customers to your storefront with a specific promotion, or simply remind people your company still exists? Craft your message around the campaign’s purpose in a voice that speaks to your target market.If you have any questions or are wondering if a radio ad campaign would be the right fit for your business, contact TRIO today!


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