Does your website need a facelift?


Whether you’re targeting local or global customers, your website should clearly explain what you do, be easy to find and navigate (user experience or UX), and be attractive to the eye. How does your website stack up to your competition? 

Consider the following things when building or rebuilding your website:

Is it goal-focused? 

What do you want people to DO when they land on your website? Buy something? Learn something? Do you want to capture information from those visiting your site so you can market to them in the future? Make sure your call to action is clear and tell your online visitors to SHOP NOW or LEARN MORE!

Do you offer quality content?

You want engaged readers on your website. Offer well-written content that appeals to their needs. Make sure your content proves why you are the thought leader in your industry and tells your prospective customers why they would be crazy NOT to do business with you, or buy your product.

How easy your website is to use by its visitors?

Developing a website with a good user experience is essential. If your website is confusing or is hard to navigate, you’ll lose visitors and customers. Make it so easy to navigate that someone could do it blindfolded (ok, not really, but you get my drift). Study current trends and don’t be afraid to copy the template from other well-performing websites.

Do you communicate your brand identity? 

Who are you and what does your business stand for? What products do you sell and what are their features and benefits? Clearly communicate your vision through powerful words and imagery on your website.

Is your website optimized? 

There are many different factors to consider when optimizing a website. Failure to optimize could mean your website isn’t recognized by major search engines and won’t show up when customers search for your product or service. Ensure your content is rich with keywords, images are properly sized, backlinks from directory sites and other resources are maintained, Google analytics tracking code is installed, you are mobile-friendly, and much, much more!


These few ideas are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to considerations for a website redesign. Many additional factors could be considered and vary based on industry and/or budget constraints.

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