Things To Look For In Your Digital Marketing Analytics

At your fingertips, you have access to so much data about your marketing initiatives and digital presence. Have you utilized it? Gone are the days of relying on phone call tracking or head counting to calculate how successful your marketing campaign is. Eliminate speculation by analyzing the data provided from your website and e-newsletter.

At first look, this much data may be overwhelming! We have outlined the top analytics you should keep an eye on.


What to look for in your website analytics:

If you haven’t installed Google Analytics on your website, you need to right now! Google Analytics provides a wealth of information about how people get to your website and what they do during their visit. Here are three categories to start analyzing:


Total Visits:

The total visits analytics is a number that increases every time an individual visits your website since you have installed Google Analytics. You’ll also be able to see a chart that tracks the visits you receive to your site daily. If you have recently started a marketing campaign that directs visitors to your website, you should see a jump in total visits.


Returning Visits:

This metric compares unique visitors to those who are repeat customers. Your rate of new visitors will most likely be higher than the rate of your returning visitors (and if you’ve just launched Google Analytics… everyone will be a “new” visitor). When creating content for your website, like blogs, videos or white papers, focus on strategies that will bring viewers back! Measure your success by seeing if the percentage of returning visitors increases.


Traffic Sources by Segment:

Google Analytics can also tell you where your web traffic is another important tracking mechanism. Take a look at these sections:

  • Direct traffic: Visitors that access your website directly through typing it in the URL bar or by clicking on a bookmark.
  • Organic traffic: Visitors from unpaid search engine listings.
  • Referral traffic: Visitors that access your site through a link on another website.

Direct traffic can signify a successful ad campaign because people are specifically coming to your site directly for the purpose of your product or services. Organic traffic can give you insight into how your SEO is performing. And referral traffic can indicate that you are successful at driving people from your social media pages to your website, or that you owe a strategic partner lunch!


What to look for in your e-newsletter marketing analytics:

When marketing to your current database of emails through e-newsletters, analytics will give you a good idea of which customers are tuned into your brand and what content they are interested in. Programs like Constant Contact and Mailchimp provide this useful information. Take a look at these metrics:


Open Rate:

The open rate will tell you the percentage of your email list that opened your e-blast. Take a look at how many people from your database is receiving and reading your newsletters. If your open rate is low, consider sprucing up your subject lines. Click here and here for more information.


Click-Through Rate:

The click-through rate gives your direct insight into how many subscribers are actively engaged with your content and interested in learning more about your company, product or offer. It examines from those who had opened your e-newsletter, how many people clicked on at least one link. From the click-through rate, you can gauge what content interests your customer the most.


List Growth:

Every company should aim to grow their subscribers list and database. The more new subscribers you have, the more you can extend your reach, expand your audience and boost your opens and click-through rate!


Ten years ago, marketing was often seen as “driving blind,” relying on industry statistics to make educated guesses as to whether or not it specific campaigns were driving sales. Today it is staggering how much we can learn from our consumers just from their interactions with your company’s digital presence. If you are interested in learning more about the data found on Google Analytics, your e-newsletter platform, or any other digital medium not covered in this blog, contact TRIO!




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