Employee Healthcare! Do you know what your employee’s really want?


Benefit Open Enrollment meetings happen once a year and many employers go through this process bracing themselves for (what can be) dreadful news. Usually the message is, “your health premiums are going up”!  Do you customize your benefits to fit the needs of your staff?  Take the time to find out what your employees really want!

It’s not too late to survey your employees before your renewal!  What benefits are most important to them? Would employees rather have a rich benefit program and pay a little more each pay period and keep co-pays and prescriptions at a reasonable cost? Which benefits are employees utilizing the most? Emergency room visits? Co-pays? Specialist visits? Wellness exams? What about orthodontia coverage? Is that important? How about vision? Do you employ young adults who deal with daycare expenses?

Work with HR On-Call, LLC to get a customized and unbiased benefit survey put together for your Company.  Let us define your benefit package based on your survey results and your budget.  Employees change and so do their needs.   Find out what your employees really want.  This goes a long way in retaining employees and keeping them happy.

Open Enrollment Tips:

  • Announce when your open enrollment period will be!
  • Provide 7-10 days for employees to make changes.
  • Schedule Open Enrollment group meetings and invite spouses to attend.
  • Provide individual and personalized counseling sessions with employees, as needed.
  • Educate employees of the costs and trends in healthcare to better understand their benefits.

Employee healthcare is one of your biggest expenses.  Do you really know what your employees want?  Survey them today to find out!  If you would like some help customizing a survey please contact:  Susan Arnold at Susan@HRon-call.com or 515-401-2233.


Susan Arnold
HR On-Call, LLC
p. 515.401.2233
e. Susan@HROn-Call.com


A little more about us:
Susan Arnold, owner and lead HR Consultant at HR On-Call, LLC. Susan has 20+ years of HR experience and provides a HR presence to business organizations without the overhead expense of a full-time employee. Susan helps business owners improve employer/employee relationships and allows them to focus on their business while resting assured that they are in full compliance with state and federal law.

Areas of expertise:

  • Reduce Employer Risk and Liability
  • Customized Employee Handbooks
  • Performance Reviews
  • Improve Employee/Employer Relationships
  • Background Checks
  • Personality Assessments
  • Guaranteed EEO Compliance
  • Employee Retention
  • Recruitment / Hiring
  • Employee Discipline/Discharge

Susan is passionate about her customers and listens to their needs. If you are interested in any of the details above or would like more information about her services, please contact Susan!

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