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You may make or break your trade show success in the first few seconds of people walking by.  Exhibiting at a trade show is many, many first impressions!  Here are a few tips to help make great first impressions.

untitled2If you are one of the many companies exhibiting at a trade show this fall or winter, read on. You may make or break your trade show success in the first few seconds of people walking by. Exhibiting at a trade show is many, many first impressions! Here are a few tips to help make great first impressions:


Consider your exhibit: It should be neat & well thought out. There needs to be height in your display; consider a sign or table-top banner.   You must have company branding on your exhibit, material and promotional products.


Consider yourself: It is a given that you will be dressed according to your profession and a step up from the attendees. A branded shirt is ideal; a professional name tag at the minimum. Be careful of your body language; no crossed arms, eating or texting while attendees are filing past your exhibit.


untitled1 Consider your approach: Do not stand behind your exhibit. Most exhibit spaces have a couple chairs provided, but those are not for you to sit! You need to be out in front of your table, greeting and welcoming.


Consider your presentation: Yes, you should have your 30-second “commercial” ready that explains what problem or need your products and services can fulfill. But you will get more mileage out of asking questions and learning about the people who come to your exhibit.   Some people call that “qualifying” a prospective customer.


untitled3I think it works better if you are sincerely learning about them and their company – you will easily uncover what you may be able to do for them. You are laying the groundwork for that person to see you are sincere, helpful & trustworthy. If you are a business owner who sends employees to exhibit & represent your company, make sure they have instructions and even check up on how they do. Remember the hundreds of first impressions are representing you and your company. Keep in mind that as you may be sizing up potential customers, they are sizing YOU up to determine if they want to do business with you.

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