Weather-Proof Your Business this Month with Weather-Based Marketing


If April showers bring May flowers, will all this rain drown my sales? Capitalize on this month’s notorious dreariness through these three weather-based marketing tactics.

Whether we like it or not, weather affects business. In fact, weather is found to have the biggest influence on consumer behavior after the economy, according to British Retail Consortium. For some industries, the seasonal surge is obvious (think ice cream shops and winter boot retailers). If you’re an insurance company, bad weather may even be your bread and butter. But for most businesses, the effect that weather brings is more subtle as well as surprising!

I’m sure you’ve experienced first-hand how weather can affect your mood. On colder, overcast days you may feel more tired and opt to stay inside, drinking hot tea and watching movies under a cozy blanket. On warmer, sunny days you may feel energized and crave being outdoors doing something active or social. It is the same psychology behind weather that also drives our purchase decisions and even dictates how much we’re willing to spend.

A 2010 study found that exposure to sunlight dramatically increases levels of consumption as well as the amount spent per item. For example, experiments show that consumers would willingly pay 37% more for green tea and 56% more for a gym membership after being exposed to sunlight.

Weather also affects which channels consumers use to make purchases. During warm and sunny days, brick and mortar stores often enjoy more footfall, compared to periods of inclement weather where consumers instead opt to shop online. Another study found that one wet or cold days there was a 12% increase in website traffic for retailers in the home & furniture, wholesale, and clothing industries – compared to that on warm and sunny days.

How do big brands successfully take advantage of the weather? Campbell Soup Co. uses a “misery index” that tracks when the weather takes a nasty turn in U.S. cities, and then serves up soup ads in those markets. Michaels craft store discovered it could increases sales by running its ads ahead of rainy days, when its customers like to stay indoors and work on craft projects. Pantene Pro-V has had success marketing its smoothing hair products in parts of the country with high humidity and its volumizing products in drier locations.

Understanding consumer behavior is key to unlocking opportunities that boost sales and revenue. Staying up-to-date with weather forecasts will help you create more appealing marketing campaigns. Here are three ways you can take advantage of the April showers soon to come:

  • Email Campaigns:Nothing is more timely than a weather-centric email blast! Segment your email list based on the geographical markets and be sure to keep tabs on the weather for each location. On rainy April days, showcase weather-proof products, easy comfort-food recipes, or cozy indoor activities. Also, be sure to highlight the convenience of shopping on your website or offer free shipping/delivery on your products. Using weather-related emojis in the subject line helps to capture your customer’s attention. Bonus points if you cater the landing page on your website to reflect the weather as well!
  • Digital/Social Ads:Online advertising is another easy way to execute weather-based marketing because these ads are easy to swap out and change. We have the capability to customize your digital banner ad creative to change based on the weather, which can display different messaging or products/services that better speak to your customers buying behaviors when it’s raining. Similarly, social media ads are flexible and easy to create for short-term campaigns based on weather. We recommend crafting ads that allow users to shop directly from the post on rainy days, providing them with an easy user experience since they are less likely to go out of their way to visit your storefront or office.
  • Go “Live” with Weather Updates:Live streaming is currently a big trend in social media. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all have live streaming capabilities that are just starting to utilized by businesses. Stay in front of your followers by streaming a weather-related series based on the daily forecast. Showcase why your products or services can best be used on a gloomy day, or encourage your viewers to get outside on warmer days to enjoy the fresh air and to stop by your office/store/showroom for a springtime sale!

Weather-based advertising is a proven effective way to create a personalized customer experience using weather data to boost sales and drive brand reach. If you are interested in expanding your marketing umbrella over your business in April, contact TRIO Marketing|Branding|Advertising today!



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