Trip Insurance Gets Real: Catastrophe in the Canary Islands


After months of stress-filled days and busy nights, Ben needed a holiday. He decided to go on a solo trip to the Canary Islands, where he’d do nothing except lay on the sand for an entire week.

Unfortunately, something horrible happened. Ben caught a stomach bug and missed his flight. He went to the doctor, who said there was nothing he could do except wait for this sickness to pass. Instead of hopping among the Canary Islands, Ben was huddled in bed, sipping on chicken noodle soup.

In between his Netflix binges, Ben was upset. What did he do to deserve this? In the midst of feeling sorry for himself, Ben remembered something! As a cautious, savvy traveler, he purchased a trip insurance policy a few days after he paid for his airfare and hotel. His trip was saved! He’d just need to reschedule and he’d be on the beach … as soon as he was done being sick.

How did Ben’s trip insurance policy help him?

Let’s take a look at the expenses for his trip and find out what happened when he called his carrier to file his claim.

For his vacation, Ben made two non-refundable purchases:

  • Airfare from Berlin, Germany to Tenerife → $313
  • Six nights in Hotel Botanico → $954
  • Total trip expenses → $1,267

Ben filed his claim and provided receipts for his airfare and hotel reservation. He also sent in his doctor’s note, which verified the reason why he wasn’t able to travel. The plan he chose reimbursed him for the full $1,267, which was the non-refundable amount he paid for his trip.  Trip cancellation insurance is priced according to your age and trip cost. Ben is 35 years old, and his trip cost was $1,267. What was the premium he paid?  $95

It could happen to you!

You never know what’s going to happen before or during a trip. Weather, sickness, traffic accidents on the way to the airport, and a host of other things can occur and derail your plans, causing you to lose the money you invested. For a relatively small cost, you can insure your vacation so you don’t lose the money you spent if you need to cancel, interrupt, or delay your trip. The best part? You’ll still get to go — only a little further in the future.


Originally written by Kelsey Tharp, July 4, 2019



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