You want it WHEN?!?!


Someone forgot marketing promotions were needed for a meeting, or your company just decided to sponsor an event…. Don’t throw in the towel.

Whatever the reason, now you’re in a rush situation to get custom printed marketing promotions and gifts.  There is likely still time to Wow! your  audience.

I call it the Amazon effect – many people think anything they need or want

can arrive by the next day.  In the custom printed promotional product … your custom logo imprint is being decorated on a product and then being shipped from a factory many times on the opposite side of the country.  While the options do change, there are still many great promotional products that will display your logo and get your message out just as you want it to.   We have access to many factories throughout the country offering rush or very speedy printing and customization service.

Contact us no matter your need date.  I promise, we won’t tell you you’re crazy! We will always talk about your event theme, budget and recipients of your marketing promotions and you will be pleased with the options available.  Here are some tips that will help ensure your success in ordering promotional products in a shorter time frame:

  • Be flexible. You may not be able to have exactly what you wanted, but you could discover something similar and come out smelling like a rose to your company.
  • Be ready to make a decision. Limit the number of co-workers or committee members who need to be involved in the decision.  Make sure any important decision-makers will be available to review and approve the proof on short notice.
  • Have your logo art file ready. Know what you want printed and have the art file ready to go.  High resolution artwork is always needed to reproduce on promotional items.  Discuss with others in advance, if you need other information printed in addition to your logo.  Remember, time is of the essence, so last minute changes may not be an option.
  • Know where the product needs to be delivered. It could shave off some time if we ship direct to your event location, so you need to have the address and contact person information ready.
  • Be willing to accept rush fees. To jump to the front of the production line may come with a cost.  Expediting shipping may make or break your deadline date, but it can be done with additional cost.
  • Be clear and quick with communication. There isn’t time to wait for email replies or find out someone left for the day.  Always have a back-up person assigned to answer questions / approve.

We at Primary Source have seen just about every kind of rush situation. Contact us to find out if the impossible can be made possible!  We can quickly show you what IS available at the last minute – there are always choices!


Mary Anne Kennedy
Primary Source Promotions
p. 515.727.8774

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A little more about us:
Primary Source provides businesses, schools, non-profits and organizations with promotional products, decorated apparel, personalized awards plus executive and incentive gifts. We help clients choose the products that will fit their budget and recipients, AND give them RESULTS:

  • Increase tradeshow traffic
  • Enhance marketing plan
  • Boost sales
  • Reward employees
  • Recognize supporters
  • Increase attendance at events
  • Promote your brand
  • Market you services
  • Recruit members
  • Support your community or cause

At Primary Source, we want your promotional product choice to bring you the results intended – we are Promotional Products with a Purpose!

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