Facebook & Instagram Changes: How to Stay Ahead of Them


Social media continues to be a cornerstone for online marketing, with growing importance as Millennials and Gen Zers gain more and more purchasing power. What once was a low-cost option for marketing and advertising, today, you won’t make much of an impact on your social platforms without allocating some money towards it. With Facebook and Instagram’s upcoming algorithm changes, plan to develop a social media budget in your 2020 marketing plan.

Upcoming Facebook Changes

Desktop Newsfeed Changes:

If you have an active Facebook business page, you may have noticed a decrease in interaction over the years. With Facebook’s current algorithm, posts on your business page only reach 2% of your audience. Facebook revamped its mobile newsfeed earlier this year and is working on a similar overhaul for its desktop newsfeed. The newsfeed changes will even further limit organic business page reach, giving business pages less real estate on the page.   Facebook’s algorithm is set up to focus more on “meaningful interactions,” showing fewer posts from businesses, brands and media. It is essential to reformat your organic posts to encourage engagement, which will help rank your posts as more meaningful to garner more impressions. Here are a few tips on how Facebook scores posts:

    • Reactions (like Wows or Loves) are more valuable than “likes”
    • Comments & shares are more valuable than “likes”
    • Engagement on shared content is valuable
    • Replies to comments are valuable (especially responses from the business page)
    • Links shared via Facebook Messenger are valuable

How to stay ahead of these changes:

    • Facebook Advertising: Facebook advertising is the only guaranteed way to reach your target audience. With the changes in the newsfeed, Facebook is continuing to seamlessly integrate ads within the feed. Pro tip: the second post on your Facebook newsfeed is reserved for ads!  
    • Facebook Live & Facebook Stories: These features continue to live at the very top of the feed, and they are currently not heavily adopted. Incorporate Facebook Live and Facebook Stories into your social media strategy to stand out from the crowd.  

Upcoming Instagram Changes

Changes in Engagement Metrics:

What will we do without social validation? Instagram is testing out hiding the number of likes received on posts. While the ability to like a post will still be enabled, only the sharer will be able to view the total number of likes it receives. With this update, users can concentrate on posting and interacting in the app, rather than focusing on receiving likes (which can entice people to delete their photos and has even been linked to impacting mental health).  

How could this impact your business? The change will mean relying only on comments for social proof on your content – which is asking for more effort from your followers than simply double-tapping a post. It also could make finding the right influencer more challenging, solely relying on their data rather than being able to view how many likes and video views they receive on their public-facing account.  

Instagram’s current organic reach is 30% of your followers, and with the like count disappearing, reach and engagement will decrease. The platform is removing low-performing posts from the Explore page, which many brands depend on for gaining more followers organically.  

How to stay ahead of these changes:

    • Instagram Advertising: Facebook owns Instagram, which allows you to run ads on both platforms from the Facebook Ads Manager dashboard. With the changes to the Explore page limiting your post reach, ads will help you gain access to your target market.  
    • Start the Conversation:  Focus on gaining more comments by asking questions in your posts and requesting feedback. Have “comment below” be an ongoing call-to-action on all your posts. Ask your followers to share their opinions, and consider holding giveaway that requires them to comment and tag their friends to gain more traction on your posts.   Do you need to revamp your organic and paid social media advertising strategy to keep up with the changes? Contact TRIO when planning your 2020 marketing plan!    



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