Ways to Stay Connected During Physical Distancing – Don’t Distance Your Socialization


 During these days of dealing with COVID-19, some have said “social” distancing is critical. I contend we should be practicing physical distancing, but it is crucial that you find ways to still socialize. I understand and encourage everyone to practice the distance guidelines set by our health care officials.  Here are several ideas to keep up on your socializing!

During these days of dealing with COVID-19, some have said “social” distancing is critical. I contend that it is the physical distancing that is important. I understand and encourage everyone to practice the distance guidelines set by our health care officials.  It is crucial that you find ways to still socialize with family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and clients.  Yes, we need to alter our daily routine.  But there are ways you can stay socially connected to others and avoid the feeling of isolation.

Here are several ideas and I welcome your comments of what your business and family are doing!

Connect – talk to at least one local friend each day and one out of town friend or relative each day.
Actually, talk on the phone, don’t just text.  Even better, start scheduling time to Skype, or use your ZOOM meeting membership to bring together family and friends.  Of course, you can use Facetime for iPhone to iPhone video calls.  I am loving the DUO app to have video calls with groups of Android and iPhone users at the same time.  It is so important to be able to share what’s going on in your lives; share your fears and also share the positive things going on.

Think of friends, neighbors or people in your circles who may be vulnerable to depression or anxiety.
Check on them daily with a phone call.  Ask specifically of things they may need and offer suggestions.  Keep in mind that many people you check on don’t know what they need or won’t voice anything, so just keep checking and possibly drop something off at their front door.  Encourage others to do the same so that no one feels left out.

Go back to the “olden” days and write notes and mail to friends and family! Send cards!
Have your children make handmade cards and draw pictures to send to friends and family.  Consider   sending notes and pictures to nursing homes and care centers in your area or to other homebound elderly.

Have a family member read to your child through Facetime or Duo.
Get them involved in video phone calls with their friends’ families.  Remember, their lives are drastically different, and they may not totally understand the why or the severity of the physical distancing.  You can even play card games and other games through a video call.

Figure out ways to boost your spirits and that of your friends!
I’ve talked to many friends who are already having “movie parties” to watch the same movie on Netflix at the same time.  Then they’re doing a group video call or Zoom meeting afterwards to talk about the movie.  Many area churches are live streaming their services and your group of friends and/or family can watch together.  That creates such a connection even though you aren’t sitting side by side.

Businesses also need to be creative on keeping in touch with customers.
Since your sales force cannot currently meet face to face with clients, utilize those video conferencing via cell phones or laptops just like you’re doing with your friends.  Start a weekly email campaign to give tips or share knowledge.  Become active on Facebook, Twitter or your social media platform of choice.  Your customers need to continue to “see” you.

Share your expertise online.
If you or your company has news or education to share, develop a way to disseminate that information.  You can be the hero to all those staffers working at home without access to daily information or training as they used to have.

Go back to the good ole postal service!
Mail brochures, cards of well wishes and special announcements or offers for phone or website business and for when things are back to normal.  Consider mailing a promotional item with your logo and possibly a special message to lift their spirits and let them know you are still at their service.  There are many direct mail products and promotional items easily mailed, like a flat flashlight.


Let Primary Source show you some ideas to promote your business during these tough times and beyond!

Last thoughts …take time to build the relationships with the people you are able to be with!  We won’t have as much time at home together once we don’t have to worry about physical distancing.  One thing to keep doing often even then – Wash Your Hands!


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