Is Your Company Recovery-Ready?


With some states beginning to loosen COVID-19 restrictions and open up their economy, will your business be ready? What are your plans for recovery? Here are a few marketing items to work on NOW, so your business will be ready when the government says “go!”

Last month, I touched on the idea to use our “gift” of downtime to strategize and plan for the next phase. Did you do it? Some of my clients buckled down and really thought about how they’d return to the market and rise above their competition. I sincerely believe that in some industries, there is so much pent-up demand that the flood gates will open causing supply chain issues, unsatisfied customers, and negative experiences. How will your company handle this? Do you have a plan? Here are a few ideas to consider when opening up to the public again.

  • Offer incentives to pre-order now. Pre-orders help offset the rush of demand, and can provide you with the cash flow you may desperately need if your business is closed or limited. One example we’ve seen was a restaurant use this tactic by offering 10% off to customers who purchase gift cards now to use when they re-open.
  • Practice upselling or cross-selling tactics to offer similar products of the same value. As a business owner, every penny counts right now – but as a consumer, a portion of your target market may have a little more money to spend thanks to their stimulus check. With the current CDC and government safety regulations in place, your salespeople are limited in doing their job of cross-selling and upselling like they could in-person. Does your website and social channels have this feature in place? We’ve recently installed a website plugin to one of our retail client’s pages that automatically shows a few “upgrades” when someone ads a particular product to their cart.
  • Create a ‘rain check’ program for high demand products. Chances are the coronavirus will continue to slow down your supply chain in multiple areas, even after the county reopens. Luckily, consumers in general are pretty understanding of this right now. Take some time to create a plan on how to communicate these hiccups to your customers, and how to continually stay in touch with them so they don’t search elsewhere for the product or service they need. E-blasts or text alerts are a great tool to use! Also, identify a few similar items to recommend when someone is searching for something out of stock.
  • Offer a clearance sale to move warehouse inventory and make room for new products. Take some time to do a little spring cleaning to start fresh with new or updated product offerings once the country reopens. Take advantage of your customer’s self-quarantine social media binges by holding a clearance sale on Facebook, sharing specific product posts that link to where the customer can purchase it online. If possible, add a promo code for free shipping – many big box stores are offering that discount right now as an added value for the inconvenience of not being able to shop in-stores.
  • Assign an online reputation manager to reply to online reviews in a timely manner. While Google has limited its functions in regards to posting reviews – customers can still leave you one! We predict that soon the “floodgates” will open and you’ll receive that backlog of feedback. Be sure to respond to each and every one (yes, even the bad ones). Decide who on your team will be responsible for replying to these reviews – and contact us if you are interested in learning more about Online Reputation Management software.

Remember what we learned from the pandemic. Business practices have shifted and a ‘handshake’ means more today than it did yesterday. Go back to the basics and thank your customers, streamline your service offerings, make it easy to buy, and easy to refer.

Looking for more marketing and advertising ideas to implement NOW (or to have a plan in place to start once the country re-opens)? Contact us today!




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