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Whether you’re working at home, at the office or not able to work at all, it is all causing a new and unrelenting stress factor in our lives.  We can never have too many tips for reducing stress and learning about the positive effects of Mindfulness…

We recently mailed Mindfulness Tips and reminder coaster to those on our Primary Source client mailing list and received tremendous response—so I know that many of you out there are also seeking the CALM.  By the way, if you are not on our client mailing list—you should be.  So contact me to get your own Mindfulness Tips and Coaster!

In the meantime, I pulled this stress-relief advice from Dr. Annie McKee andKandi Wiens, executive coach, in the April issue of Promotional Consultant Today, where they also suggest practicing Mindfulness:

  • Don’t be the source of your stress. Too many of us create our own stress, with its full bodily response, merely by thinking about or anticipating future episodes or encounters that might be stressful. People who have a high need to achieve or perfectionist tendencies may be more prone to creating their own stress. Dr. Wiens and McKee found in their research that leaders who are attuned to the pressures they put on themselves are better able to control their stress level.
  • Recognize your limitations. Becoming more aware of your strengths and weaknesses will clue you in to where you need help. Studies discovered that those who recognized when demands were outweighing their abilities didn’t go it alone—they surrounded themselves with trusted advisors and asked for help.
  • Take deep breaths. When you feel your tension and anxiety rapidly rising, take a moment to breathe. Mindfulness practices help us deal with immediate stressors and long-term difficulties. Practicing mindfulness allows you to be more open to other solutions so you don’t have to waste time in defense mode. Heightening your awareness of your breathing may be difficult at first, but remember that attention is the ultimate act of self-control.
  • Reevaluate your perspective of the situation. While you can’t change what’s happening in the world right now, it helps to change your perspective. When you shift your mindset, you might see that what once felt like stress is a problem you want to solve.
  • Try putting yourself in the other person’s shoes. Dr. Wiens and McKee say that the stress from conflicts often leads to burnout so it’s best to deescalate conflicts when you can. Be inquisitive, ask questions and listen deeply. Keep your attention to the other person and focus on what he is trying to tell you. By seeking to understand his perspective, you’ll be in a much better position to gain his trust and influence him.

Contact me if you need ideas to keep in touch with your customers when you can’t be face-to-face.  Most marketing promotions can be easily mailed, and many can be mailed for you, directly to your client list!


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