6 Virtual Presentation Tips


So, you haven’t been able to see your clients for several months – well, in real life anyway?  If you’re like most of us dealing with sales of a product or service, you have become accustomed to some kind of virtual sales or networking meetings.  There are plenty of choices to connect virtually – from Zoom meetings,  GoTo Meetings and MicroSoft Teams to simple video phone chat and FaceTime.   I’m not an expert by any means.  However, I have noticed some things that work well and others to avoid, so I’ll share some tips so you can get the most out of your virtual sales presentations:

  1. Be Tech Ready—If you’re not very familiar with the type of virtual meeting you’re going into, learn before the meeting day,  especially if you are doing the presentation.  Make sure you have the hardware necessary and that it’s working.  You should know enough about the tech aspects to explain to your client if they need help during the virtual meeting.  If you plan to share your screen, make sure the slides are ready and you can switch quickly. Make sure your audio is working properly.  Practice with associates or friends!
  2. Be Personable—Smile just as you would when meeting with someone live.  Look into the camera when you are talking.  I’ve had to work on the habit of looking away or looking at paperwork while I’m talking.  When someone else is talking, look at them on the screen.  Try to be relaxed and natural but sit up straight.
  3. Dress for the Business—Even if you dress in sweatpants and a t-shirt when working at home, change into your work attire when going on a virtual meeting.  Dress as you would when making a face to face presentation.  Wearing your company logo shirt certainly does look professional.  Also, solid colors are best as busy patterns can be distracting on a video screen.
  4. Be Aware of your Background—Try to find a quiet place with limited distractions, and let others in your office or at home with you know that you will be in a business meeting during that certain time.  We laugh at the YouTube videos of someone streaking across the background or kids fighting and crying, but we really don’t want that happening to us.  Primary Source can create a Backdrop Banner that stands up behind your chair and can hide everything that is going on behind it! 
  5. Check your Camera Angle—This is another reason to practice ahead of time – where is your camera, below your screen, above your screen?  Figure out the best angle before you get into the virtual meeting. Again, look at the camera when you’re talking, not an individual person.  If you’re going to show products, hold them closer to the camera and still, then demonstrate what they do; don’t make people dizzy trying to follow your demonstration.
  6. Follow Up—Just as follow up is extremely important after in person meetings or presentations, it shows professionalism to follow up after a virtual meeting, and it helps you stand out.  The follow up – whether email or handwritten – should remind them of how your products and services can solve their problem!  A great follow up is to send a marketing promotion or branded gift in the mail.  Now, that sets you apart!  And wouldn’t that brighten someone’s day who’s been spending a lot of time at the computer screen?!

Contact me for specific ideas to get you noticed during and after a virtual meeting.  Most marketing promotions can be easily mailed, and many can be mailed for you, directly to your client list!



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