What level of supervision does your accounting department need to efficiently and effectively operate?


When you review the bookkeeping procedures in your office, where do you find the chief concern? Do you struggle everyday just to get the basics accomplished? Or maybe it is it at the end of the month, and the reconciliation has discrepancies. Maybe it is a combination of both. When I work with clients, we evaluate the need, intention, and expectation for the accounting department. Outlined are the steps to make that determination. Going through this exercise, allows you to make the best plan for your needs.


  • What are your needs for the accounting department?
    • Companies find that with too many steps in the AR procedure, leads to errors, most often discovered after-the-fact. What part of the AR procedure do you need to change?
    • AP is more often the leading point of contention. Continually reviewing the procedure to determine if the needs are being met is vital step in preserving credit and good standings with your vendors.
  • What is your intention for the accounting department?
    • Do you intend for the department to be internal or outsourced? If a combination of both, who do you intend to create and manage the procedure? There are benefits to doing both.
    • Are the intentions to have a schedule built in for reviewing the procedures?
    • Partnering with an outside expert sets you up for long term success with consistent reviews and direction for time efficiency and cost-effective procedures.
  • What are your expectations?
    • Do you expect your accounting department to manage as well as follow a procedure in in order to maintain aging accounts?
    • Will the expectations of the AP procedure require all payables to be current and procedures to follow-up with vendors on discrepancies?
    • The expectation of a current and accurate cashflow report and well as other basic financial reports is at minimum, realistic.

Each company maintains the accounting department to a different degree. Knowing where to go with questions, ensuring the procedures are effective, current, and reviewed is critical to small businesses cashflow. Many companies have moved to an outside source to some level. Allowing an external resource to assist with your accounting department, either on the ground or from 30 thousand feet up, give you a different perspective. Your resource can also alleviate employees demands. This allows internal resources to manage higher priority needs within your business, while minimizing overhead cost of hiring. will also help ensure accurate and timely procedures and financials.

If you are unsure if your intentions, needs or expectation for the accounting department are being met, my company can help you with that. We work on 3 levels, Guide, Assist, or Manage, working within your budget to help meet your needs, at the level that works best for you.



Tammy Stifel
Bookkeeping | New Businesses | Quickbooks
p. 515.988.7532
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A little more about us:
We guide, assist and manage your bookkeeping operations, customizing our service to fit within your needs, budget and timeframe.

Services include:

Providing daily, weekly, monthly or occasional BOOKKEEPING SERVICES. We assist to the degree that meets your needs and your budget. We provide you with a clear picture of your finances.

  • Handling A/P and A/R entries, monthly financial reports, yearly audit assistance, state banking regulation audits, payroll processing, sales tax filing, and developing and implementing work-flow systems to ensure documentation requirements are accurate and complete.
  • Creating the foundation for a cost-effective accounting system for NEW BUSINESSES, and those working to get more established, then providing customized, agreed-upon bookkeeping services contracting with clients for a clear understanding of the services to be provided.
  • SCRUTINIZING existing financials to determine more timely, accurate and EFFICIENT bookkeeping options.
  • Training of bookkeeping personnel in QUICKBOOKS as a Certified ProAdvisor.
    Examining financials to provide DECISION-MAKING INFORMATION regarding financial department personnel needs, resources and timing for product and service expansion, financial strategies for real estate or asset purchases, etc.
    MANAGING your books in a way that allows YOU to do what YOU DO BEST, sell your product or provide your services, while staying as involved in the bookkeeping as needed for proper management of your financials.
    CONSULTING on-call for client financial questions.

OrganizerForU offers a 20- to 30-minute complementary phone consultation. We value your time and we know that time efficiency is cost effective. During our call, we listen as you describe the current financial situation of your business, asking the right questions to determine how our services can meet your needs. We take time to briefly explain how our services are provided, to ensure we are a good fit for your needs and situation.

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