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Videos have been a hot trend on social and digital media for years now, but many business owners still do not know how to properly leverage this format to get the most out of it. Here are three lesser-known ways to utilize your company’s footage to drive more views, and ultimately, more business growth.

If your company doesn’t have a video, now is the time to make one! More social media and email platforms are not only embracing but favoring video content to stagnant text or photos. Popular ways to use this medium include creating a series of short videos on a specific subject matter, a :30 second to three-minute commercial about your company, or video tutorials of your products or services. People connect with people, so limit lifestyle, picturesque drone shots and opt for more face-to-face, candid shots focusing on the humanity of your organization.

Below are a few ways to use your video to promote business growth.

  1. Develop a Video Funnel: Videos are great at helping you move your potential customers through the sales process. From the first touch of grabbing your prospects attention, videos can catch your potential customer’s interest and leave a memorable impression. With each video, define a clear path of action that you want your viewers to do after watching your clip.If you are using your video as the first step in the sales process, have a lighter call to action. Consider asking them to complete a fill-form to download value-added material or to subscribe to your video channel to see next week’s video that dives deeper into the topic. From there, develop the next course of action that will help you stay in contact with your prospect. If you are using your video as one of the last steps in the sales process, have a strong call to action. After a tutorial on your product or a video recap to a face-to-face meeting, have a call to action to buy now or contact a sales representative.
  1. Use Closed Captioning: Closed captioning is crucial. It not only makes your videos searchable online, but closed captions will also capture the attention of those scrolling through their newsfeeds with their volume off. Chrome, as well as many social networks, automatically mute videos that appear in newsfeeds. Many mobile viewers also opt to watch videos in public with the sound off if they have the closed caption option.Facebook has the option to automatically create the closed caption SRT file from videos posted on its platform. You will need to edit the transcriptions for errors, but you can also download it to use on other social media networks. is another resource to use for human-transcribed captions.


  1. Cater your Omni-Channel Content to Each Platform: It is great to reuse quality content on multiple channels. Your target audience is most likely on a few (if not all) of the popular social media networks. However, it is important to mind each platform’s specifications, or else your clip may be cut off in video-length and physical dimensions. Here are a few tips on how to cater each video to the popular channels and the attention span of their audiences:
    • Facebook can run videos up to 240 minutes long, and 4GB in size. Its recommended size is 1280×720 px. While you can use this platform for longer videos, it is recommended to keep your videos on Facebook around 60 seconds to keep your audience’s full attention.
    • YouTube can run videos up to 12 hours long, and 128G in size. Its sizes range from 3840×2160 px to 426×240 px depending on your resolution. Since YouTube is solely a video platform, viewers expect to watch longer videos on this channel. We recommend uploading videos in that are around 10 minutes on this platform, in a reoccurring, series-type format. With YouTube, production value and personality is key.
    • Instagram and IGTV. It is an early and hot time to try out Instagram TV. Regular Instagram posts limit videos to 4GB and 60 seconds. It supports square (600×600 pixels), horizontal (600×315 px), and vertical (600×750 px) videos. With IGTV, video length can range from 15 seconds to 60 minutes and can support a 3.6GB 1080×1920 pixel video size. We recommend keeping videos around 30 seconds on Instagram and 2-3 minutes on IGTV.
    • Twitter is newer to video and has a maximum length of 140 seconds (the same number of characters allowed in a tweet) and has a 512MB file size limit. It supports horizontal (1280×1024 px) and vertical (1200×1900 px) videos. It is recommended to keep your videos on Twitter to around 45 seconds to keep up with the short attention span of those scrolling through their timeline.
    • LinkedIn has recently enabled videos on their platform, and thus favors them compared to photo and text posts. The platform is gearing up to allow video advertisements, so it is heavily promoting its video capabilities, giving you a lot of impressions on this platform. Videos can be up to 10 minutes long with a maximum size of 5GB and 4,096×2304 px. We recommend keeping your video to around 30 seconds on LinkedIn.


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