3 Ways for Your Brand to Stand Out


An overcrowded digital world makes it hard for any brand to stand out, but add the noise of the pandemic to the mix and it’s a whole new ballgame. Now is the perfect time to roll up your sleeves, dive deep, and recommit yourself to the challenge. Read on to find out three ways you can make your brand stand out this year. While 2021 brings with it hope, we must be aware that the uncertainties of 2020 will still continue to carry into the new year. This means an abundance of digital noise brought on by the pandemic will still pose a challenge to brands as they strive to stand out.  


However, as marketing professionals, there’s no challenge we aren’t primed to tackle head on. Here are three ways to help your brand stand out during these unique times.  

  1. Showcase Your Mission This may seem obvious, but it can’t be stressed enough: Your mission is the reason behind all your goals, so express it strongly and express it often. This will take some creativity, because although your mission and your messaging will be consistent your delivery has to be vibrant and engaging. The more people who are reached, the greater chance you have to communicate what your business and/or nonprofit is all about, and why it is they should support it.


  1. Engage With Your Audience’s Influencers Pay special attention to your audience and who/what they follow. This will be a helpful indication guiding you to businesses and individuals you should be partnering with. Additionally, be sure to vet those influencers. It’s one thing to identify who has influence over your target audience, what they like and their niches, but you must be able to trust an influencer will add to your brand, not takeaway or distract from your mission.


  1. Be Creative With Virtual Events Many fundraisers and events may continue to be virtual this year, but that doesn’t mean the event should lose its luster. When hosting a virtual event, make sure the information is easy to find and directions on how to join the virtual event are clear. Prior to the event, do several tests to make sure there are no hiccups with technology during the event. Also, think about how the event is organized. If the event is a silent auction for example, make sure items are easy to find and descriptions of each item are included.

There are many tactics and strategies to use to leverage your mission effectively amid a sea of digital competition and loud virtual voices. However, choosing the right ones at the right time is crucial to your brands success.  


As we begin a new year filled with hope for a healthier and happier world, I wanted to share with you that this is the last newsletter you will be receiving from the Business Warrior group. While we will continue with our respective businesses, we hope that you stay tuned, as you will be hearing from us via individual platforms.  


Please know my Business Warrior colleagues and I are here to help you and your business continue to survive and thrive in the new year.  We encourage you to reach out to us with questions and concerns, as we are here to assist you in any way we can.  On behalf of the Business Warriors, I wish you continued success and the very best as 2021 moves forward. Please stay well and stay tuned.


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A little more about us: TRIO is a full-service marketing communications company providing a wide array of integrated marketing services to meet all of your business and marketing needs.  At TRIO, we understand that each client is unique; therefore we provide customized solutions based on your goals and growth objectives. All of our recommendations are made specifically for you and your business. TRIO Marketing, Branding and Advertising delivers an effective blend of creative talent and strategic thinking, delivering results that increase the bottom line of our client partners. We utilize our network of local experts in the community to execute the campaigns on the basis of design, printing and mailing. Our Services include:

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At TRIO, we work hard to combine marketing talent and technology with outstanding customer service to build long-term partnerships with you and your business. Our strategies are delivered on time and in a cost-effective manner to achieve maximum response and grow your business.

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