Is it Time to Cut the Money Cord?


Now that my husband and I have entered the ‘empty nest’ population we are taking a good look at our finances and realize it may be time to start cutting the “money cord” with our adult children. We have successfully raised our boys…. which you all know is NOT cheap…we’ve bought them cars, put them through college….now we feel it’s our turn. Here is what I have learned (and am still learning)…. Read More

Estate Planning and Retirement Assets: What You Need to Know….


Whether you’re wealthy or earn a modest income, there is one estate planning concern that is shared by people from all walks of life — the decision of who gets what when you’re gone. While some individuals may logically assume that a last will and testament is the one official forum to express such decisions, that’s not always the case. Often, an equally important issue is whom to name as beneficiary on life insurance policies, pension plan accounts and IRAs, since these assets are passed on independent of what may be spelled out in a will.

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