Best Management Advice


What is the best management advice you have every received? Whether it was advice given by a business coach, a mentor of yours, or from your favorite influential leader, we all have had lessons and little snippets of wisdom passed down to us that shape our own leadership and management practices. Read about Fortune 500 CEOs best advice they have ever received!


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Key Mistakes Made During the Interview Process


When interviewing a potential employee it is easy to make one or more of the following mistakes.  By exploring these, hopefully you can navigate around them and find that quality person to fill your need.

We ask all YES/NO questions:
    “Did you do well in your last position?”    “Have you ever had a problem with attendence?”
What is the candidate supposed to say?  Have a few open ended questions.  They talk, YOU LISTEN

We talk too much:
“Hi, Jane.  in this job we’re looking for someone who can blah, blah, blah, someone who is flexible, can multi task, etc…etc…. Now Jane, please tell me more about your job experience and background.” You just gave away all the details of what you are looking for.  The candidate can answer to make the match.

We apply the halo error:
    Often, the business owner gets referrals from clients, other employees, etc… Just because the candidate is the daughter of your best client, doesn’t necessarily mean she will be right for your job opening.

We expect to get a bargain
    What do you think will happen if you offer much less than what their skills are worth in the marketplace?  They will be with you for six months and still be applying for other positions and you will need to start the process all over again.

Finally – We fail to check references
This is a NO BRAINER and yet we don’t do it.  Ask for a former supervisor and call directly with open ended questions about areas of achievement and subtle questions about areas of concern you have from the interview will go a LONG WAY toward insuring you get a good hire.

Guest Blog provided by Jackie Van Ahn.  Jackie spent 25 years as the Director of Human Resources at Kirke-Van Orsdel and the last 10 years consulting through her own business HRLink.  For questions or to talk to Jackie in more detail, you may reach her at (515)225.6230.


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