State of Iowa Withdraws the Stop Gap Measure as a Health Insurance Options for 2018


Last month I wrote about the Stop Gap Measure that the State of Iowa had submitted to the federal government as a one year emergency plan to provide health insurance at a reasonable premium for individuals who do not have access to coverage through an employer.  On October 20, the State of Iowa withdrew their request as there was not time to continue the conversation with CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) the department of the government that was overseeing the request. Read More

History of Employee Benefits—Where did it all begin?


Employer sponsored benefits have been a staple in the US since President Roosevelt first introduced the concept in 1942 with the Stabilization Act. Due to World War II, employers could freeze wages, so this Act helped provide health insurance to employees as incentive to stay with the company.  The act gave employers and employees the right to pay premiums out of payroll before taxes. 

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