Do You Consider ‘Fit’ When Making Hiring Decisions?

I was asked to speak to a local networking group of professionals and they wanted a title for my talk for promotional purposes.  Who would have thought the title would be one of the more challenging aspects of the talk.  The beauty of a challenge is that it requires you to search.   Ultimately the search led me to what I enjoy so much about the field of human resources.  I call it the right

Marketing Fitness – Baby Steps to Simple Success

If you are behind on your marketing strategies…no worries. Here are a few simple economical steps to improve your customer connections that you can try today.

1. Refine your print marketing to be Emarketing
No, don’t send potential leads your print version pdf of your latest brochure. Have your brochure tweaked to view professionally as a stand alone electronic piece as well. 
Here are few suggestions:
  • Brochures or flyers can have hyperlinks added to your website, ordering page and email address for easy information gathering and inquiry questions. Now you’ve just made it one step easier for your customer to do business with you.
  • Have your business card saved as a web-safe jpg and use it in your email signature.
  • Reformat the outside of your company brochure to view nicely as one page. Sometimes it is a simple as moving the cover panel to the left and shifting everything else to the right so the page reads from left to right. Here’s an example:

2. Check your branding
When is the last time you sat down and spread out all your visual marketing in one place and reviewed what your company looks like. I have done this with a couple clients and we are always surprised at the inconsistencies we find. Does your website look like the same company as your brochure? Do you use a template for your sales flyers? Keep simplicity in mind and refine each piece that your potential customers see. Have them updated to look and speak a unified message. 
3. Ask for the business
Where and do you ask for the business? This most basic strategy is easily overlooked. Here are a few “ask for the business” techniques:
  • Add a question at the end of every sale, “Is there anything else I can help you with?”
  • Sending a survey to your top clients and ask for leads.
  • Send a thank you and state that you are ready to work with them again.
  • Ask to set up the next appointment at the end of your meeting.
  • Stop by and pay a friendly visit to your top clients. Sometimes some face time is the best branding a business has.
If you look at all the places where you come in contact with your customers and have those areas include inquiries for a lead or another project you will find yourself recession proof in no time. 
Simple tweeks can add a lot of value to your bottom line. What simple strategies have you used to polish your business? I’d love to hear them.
Author: Lucinda Sperry,

Do I Need Someone To Handle My Books?

 Well, short answer, yes. Long answer, is actually a question; what do you expect to get out of your well-polished, finely- tuned set of books, your company financials in a spreadsheet? If you are looking to have all your numbers nicely organized for your tax preparer to whip out your taxes, well that is one good reason to have a bookkeeper . But if you want to know exactly what your company financial status is, it might be better off to hire someone to teach you about how to handle your bookkeeping. 

I had a client who couldn’t figure out how to go to the next level. She suggested setting a budget. I started asking some questions and quickly discovered, she has worked very hard to make her business run, but never spent a lot of time on her bookkeeper . We were very far from being able to determine what she spent in order to figure out what we could budget. 

If you need assistance  with your bookkeeping, find someone who will not just do the work, but will work with you to educate and inform you of your financial situation. Then you can make a more informed decision on your spending, budgeting, and strategies to increase your revenues.

Article by: Tammy Stifel,

Warrior Spotlight: Lucinda Sperry,

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If you are looking for a creative design and marketing business that provides professional marketing design and ideas without the agency price tag…you’ll want to get to know Lucinda Sperry is the creative drive behind the business with 20 years experience in the graphic design, publishing and marketing industries. has provided designs for logos, brochures, newsletters, newspaper/magazine ads, high-impact business cards, website design and more for over 11 years. Clients also receive print pricing services to get the absolute best price and quality for design projects.
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Warrior Spotlight: Janis Robinson, The Robinson Equation

About Janis Robinson

Janis Robinson, business consultant and international inspirational speaker/teacher, grew up, in the USA, in Missouri in an entrepreneurial family.  She had the unique experience of attending parochial schools where she was considered too outspoken, uncontrollable and was expelled in 8th grade as a result of questioning authority too much.  Janis realized from this experience she had a skilled gift of public speaking, questions the status quo and teaching.   Janis has a BS in Nursing(Union College- Lincoln, NE) and an MBA from (University of Nebraska-Lincoln).  While pursuing her MBA she became aware of how much she enjoyed personal development and analysis of human behavior, systems, & business strategies.   Janis then began her quest to study from over 30 proclaimed experts in business, personal development, systems management and human behavior.  Janis continues to research and study in these areas to ensure she is sharing the best of the best information.  
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